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For over 40 years Atlantic Pro Divers are Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, & Savannah oldest and most respected scuba dive shop! We are the 5th largest NAUI training facility in the WORLD! Come see why we're rated #1 in the South East! 1000's of safely trained students!

NOW Locations in Savannah & Jacksonville!

With Atlantic Pro Divers Jacksonville scuba dive lessons are as easy as 1 2 3 !

Step 1
With the advent of the NASE, NAUI & PADI home study programs, BORING classroom scuba is a relic of the past. Now academic review sessions can be completed in the comfort of your own home with your family on YOUR schedule. In the academic session you will review the knowledge needed to understand the concepts behind the regulations and safety aspects of scuba diving. Our price includes all the e-Learning materials, so when you sign up for your class, you will receive your e-Codes via email. And in the comfort of your own home, you will complete the eLearning Course by watching videos and taking quizzes which will help you to grasp the important concepts of Scuba diving. Don't have computer access? We can also mail out the written course to you!

Step 2
In simple words, this part of your training is AWESOME!. In the confined water phase, you and your instructor will practice and develop the water skills needed to comfortably and safely enjoy scuba diving for years to come. You will be amazed at how easy, FUN, FUN FUN and safe scuba diving actually is. Now! As if that's not exciting enough, just wait.....

Step 3

This is where you see and do the things you've only dreamed of. This is probably the greatest sensation you can legally share with others, You and your instructor go over the skills you developed in the confined water phase during your open water dives. This phase is completed in TWO fun filled days. After the successful completion of the last open water dive, you will be awarded your NAUI, NASE or PADI certification card good for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment. Your NAUI /NASE/ PADI c-cards are WORLD WIDE recognized that you are a safe and properly trained scuba diver.

With Atlantic PRO Diver's... NO extra Groupon/Coupon "rental fees" ,"certification fees" or weight belt fees! One low cost is all you pay for everything you need to learn to scuba dive! We even supply your weights and weight belts too!

Open Water Scuba Diving Certification

Let the underwater adventure begin!! Take an open water scuba diving class and be ready to dive blue water in as little as one weekend. Our professional scuba certification instructional staff will teach you the basic skills you need to safely enjoy and explore the underwater world.
  • Classes every weekend
  • Students get 10% off of all scuba gear purchases. Military & their families get 15% off
  • Buy your scuba gear kit from us and receive 50% refund on your scuba class AND FREE Nitrox class
  • Best price for FULL scuba certification in the South East!
  • NASE, NAUI & PADI world recognized certifications!
  • Weekend scuba camps every weekend
  • Private and Semi Private Scuba Certifications Available ANYTIME!
  • Heated Pool
  • Winter Classes in the warm Florida Springs
  • We supply ALL your scuba gear rentals, even your weights AND weight belts at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  • MONEY BACK 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Classes starting at $259.00 Offer ends May 1 but you can take class ANY WEEKEND!
No Expiration or blackout dates!
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NASE $259 NAUI $300 OR PADI $359
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DELUXE Open Water Scuba Class

Take our DELUXE open water scuba diving class and be ready to dive blue water in as little as one weekend. Our professional scuba certification instructional staff will teach you all the basic skills you need to safely enjoy and explore the underwater world. NO EXTRA boat or park fees! Beware what you get elsewhere! Includes mask fins & Snorkel set! Just bring a towel!

  • Boat dives and BOAT DIVER CERTIFICATION during your certification. All INCLUDED.... NO EXTRA boat or park fees!
  • Upgrade to NITROX certification before/during class for ONLY $59.00
  • 10% off the worlds best scuba gear! 15% off for Military
  • NASE, NAUI world recognized certifications.
  • Private and Semi Private Scuba Certifications Available
  • Heated Pool
  • Certification dives in the warm Florida Springs or Marathon Key on our boats
  • MONEY BACK 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Advanced Open Water Scuba Lessons

Open the Door to deep diving on our boats, navigation, night diving and three elective dives such as photography or maybe underwater hunting, with the continued education of an Advanced Scuba Certification Class. This is your chance to have (6) more dives under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Right here in Jacksonville! We make advanced BOAT divers! Not some cheap dive trip to a spring to 80 feet! get the RIGHT experience to dive ANYWHERE in the world from us! Bring home fish for dinner and/or pictures/video to show off to your friends!
  • Deep and Wreck dives on our dive boat ALL INCLUDED!

  • 6 open water dives with instructor

  • Increase your knowledge and experience.

  • Camp and cook out INCLUDED with our staff!


NITROX is not a technical underwater breathing gas. In fact, the success and popularity of nitrox today is a result of the remarkable safety record of many thousands of recreational divers using nitrox since 1985.
If you want to learn the advantages of breathing NITROX try our Nitrox Scuba Certification course.
  • Scuba Class's are held ANYTIME!
  • If you are looking to maximize your bottom time and build in a safety margin against decompression sickness, this scuba class is a must!

ADVANCED Rescue Scuba Class

The Advanced Rescue Scuba Class will help prepare you for any type of scuba diving emergency. This certification is mandatory to move on to Divemaster and instructor - but should not be thought of as a class for professionals only. Picture yourself in a Diving situation where there is an emergency. Do you have the training and experience to handle the situation? After this scuba class, you will!

  • Realistic scenario practice
  • Scuba Class's are held every other month.

  • You must be CPR/O2 certified by the end of your rescue class.

  • The Scuba Certification Class is one full weekend at our private scuba camp.

NAUI Oxygen Provider

The Oxygen Provider course gives you hands on experience in the proper administration of oxygen to dive accident victims. Because of the importance of oxygen during diving emergencies, NAUI developed this course that should be a must for any diver!
  • Class's are held in conjunction with Rescue class.
  • Upon completion you will receive a O2 Provider Card which will allow you to purchase Medical Oxygen without a prescription.


The NAUI Divemaster rating is the highest NAUI leadership-level certification with the exception of Instructor. The program is designed to train experienced and knowledgeable divers to organize and conduct enjoyable open water dives for certified divers.
  • If you are ready to take the step to becoming a professional, Divemaster Certification is your course.
  • During the scuba course your swimming, snorkeling, towing, rescue, and diving skills will also be evaluated and improved upon. At the completion of a Divemaster course, you will be able to carry Professional Liability Insurance and independently supervise divers.
$750.00 Plus materials.


If becoming an instructor is your goal - We can help. We are a Pro Platinum Instructor Training center for NAUI. Below you will find the information on the ITP, Instructor Training Program. If you are already an instructor with another agency and wish to renew your teaching status, or join a more progressive agency, you might be interested in the Naui Instructor Cross-Over Program.
  • In a confined water environment, candidates will review and perfect all the basic diving skills, obtaining demonstration quality of the skills.

  • In the Open Water portion of the course, instructor candidates will be taught, then assessed in all aspects of dealing with students in the Open Water environment. The Instructor Trainer will run multiple drills with each candidate so they can master all aspects of the check out dives.
$2000.00 Plus materials.

We also offer many other scuba courses including Cave Diver, Underwater Hunter, Instructor Trainer, Technical and Course Director class's. Call 904-270-1747 for info!

If you don't see a date that suits your schedule on our calendar call us! 904-270-1747 We can tailor private or semi private classes ANYTIME! Scuba classes EVERY weekend March 30 - November 31st!

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Scuba Diving Lessons
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Jacksonville & Savannah Scuba Dive NITROX Lesson
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Advanced Open Water Scuba Class
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