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Zeagle Custom BCD's are OUR Specialty!

In the 70s, passionate skydiver Dennis Bulin left Wisconsin to settle in sunny Zephyrhills, Florida. He started Zeagle in 1979 as a one-man operation, building parachute equipment and accessories. When he became an active scuba diver, Dennis’ interests shifted from skydiving to sea diving.
Combining his skydiving equipment expertise with his knowledge of sport diving, Dennis began designing personal buoyancy control devices and other gear. His innovative approach to BC design helped Zeagle become a respected worldwide supplier and manufacturer of diving equipment.
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Zeagle Rapid Diver Public System Zeagle Ranger LTD Zeagle 911 BC 7607RK
Zeagle 911 BCD 7607RK
Our Price:$869.95
Zeagle Rapid Diver BCD Zeagle Ranger LTD 7909RK BCD Zeagle 911 BCD 7607RK
Zeagle Ranger halo Zeagle Stiletto
Zeagle Ranger BCD 7907RK
Our Price:$772.95
Our Price:$749.95
Zeagle Ranger BCD Zeagle Halo BCD Zeagle Stiletto BCD
Zeagle Ranger LTD Mares Hybrid She Dives MRS Plus BC Womens zeagle zena Scuba BCD
Mares Hybrid MRS Plus System BCD Mares Hybrid She Dives MRS Plus System BCD Zeagle Zena Ladies Scuba BCD
Zeagle Express Tech BCD Zeagle MANTA Wing 65 pound bladder assy Zeagle Ranger Junior
Zeagle Ranger Junior BCD
Our Price:$359.95
Zeagle Express Tech FREE SHIPPING! Zeagle Zip On Pony Bottle Pouch Zeagle Ranger Junior Kids BCD
Zeagle Scout Bcd Zeagle Deluxe Stainless Steel Backplate Zeagle Signal Tube With Reel & Zippered Pouch
Zeagle Scout Scuba BCD
Our Price:$329.95
Zeagle Scout BCD Zeagle Deluxe Stainless Steel Backplate Zeagle Quick Deploy Zippered Pouch With Signal Tube & Reel
Zeagle Rear Weight System 20lb 8051z
Zeagle Zena Floral Colored Vest Panels Zeagle 8051Z Rear Weight System Zeagle Zena Colored Front Vest Panels
XS Scuba Standard Backpack BP100 Snorkel Vest Bc Inflator
Jacket Style Snorkel Vest
List Price:$74.95
Our Price:$59.00
Save $15.95!
Zeagle BX BC inflator
Our Price:$55.95
XS Scuba Standard Hardpack snorkel vest Zeagle BX Inflator
Neon Pink Snorkel Vest Zeagle Pony Bottle Tank Pouch 8079 Zeagle Zip On Pony Bottle Pouch
Neon Pink Snorkel Vest Zeagle Pony Tank Pouch 8079 Zeagle Zip On Pony Bottle Pouch
Zeagle expandable mesh Quick Pocket 8033QP Zeagle 8043 mesh Weight Pouch 18lb
Zeagle 8033QP Quick Pocket Zeagle 8043 Mesh weight Pouch 18lb

Because it works. And works. And works. In 1994, after over 4,000 dives, Tom Gotterup traded in his 1986 Zeagle BC for a new Ranger. Which still performed beautifully… it just looked a bit rough. That’s the essence of Zeagle’s brand. Effortlessly and reliably. And almost endlessly. We create our products the old-fashioned way – with attention to detail. If we feel something needs extra reinforcing, we do it. Thousands of small details you can’t even see give your customers the best designed, most reliable equipment possible. We like to go home at night knowing we’ve done everything possible to ensure our products will perform under the most extreme conditions, year after year. We stand behind our equipment and AMERICAN craftsmanship 100%. If you or one of your customers have any questions or problems, one call to us will deliver the answers you need. It’s the way we’ve always operated. And always will. No matter what kind of diving your customers do, they can do it better with Zeagle. buoyancy compensator
Tom Gotterup's BC after 4000 dives.