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Jacksonville Lobster & Spearfishing Supplies
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JBL #2D80 Travel Pole Spear
Our Price:$119.00

DELUXE 80" break down travel pole spear with paralyzer tip
Ocean Rhino KP300 Kill Package
Our Price:$69.99

Ocean Rhino kill package
Armor Lion Fish & Lobster Bag
Our Price$65.99

The Lion Fish bag has been improved to help prevent spines from sticking the user. The latest version has a backside (the side held closest to the user) that is made of a tough 18oz vinyl coated fabric that will help minimize things sticking through it. (Disclaimer: No fabric will prevent all penetration under all circumstances. Larger fish, with stronger spines, can in some circumstances poke through this and other materials. Our bags are designed for the best combination of function, usability, and efficiency).
The NEW model provides extra protection on the side of the bag nearest the diver. The other aspect of safety is to move the location of the Lion Fish, that are already in the bag, further away from the hand that inserts the fish into the bag. So the new model moves the insertion point to the top of the bag and farthest away from the bottom of the bag, where the caught lion Fish will be located.
Additional features:
All saltwater-proof components and construction
Stainless ring and web handles to carry the bag
Size: 26″ long and 25″ wide at the bottom
Speargun light
Hollis Micro Led Speargun Light
List Price:$60.00
Our Price:$59.99
Sale Price:$59.00
Save $1.00!

Spearfishing Specialties Speargun Light
Ocean Rhino MB200 Marker Buoy
Our Price:$49.99

spearfishing specialties MB200 LARGE bouy with 200 feet of dacron line &  ss clip
Sea Stinger SS3
Our Price:$48.99

Sea stinger SS3 speartip
Sea Stinger SS2
Our Price:$42.99

Sea stinger SS2 speartip
Sea Stinger SS1
Our Price:$39.99

Sea stinger SS1 speartip
Ocean Rhino MB100 Marker Buoy
Our Price:$38.99

spearfishing specialties MB100 bouy with 100 feet of dacron line &  ss clip.
Ocean Rhino C102 Shaft Holder
Our Price:$36.99

Ocean Rhino C102 spare shaft holder
Spearfishing Stringer 5/16 Commercial Style 6'
Our Price:$35.99

6 foot HUGE commercial style spearfishing stringer. Our largest stringer. Used by most commercial spearfisherman
Ocean Rhino T212 6MM Spinner Tip
Our Price:$34.00

6MM thread tri-cut spinner tip by ocean rhino
Ocean Rhino T210 6MM Spinner Tip
Our Price:$32.00

6MM thread rockpoint spinner tip by ocean rhino
JBL #846-6 Pronger Paralyzer Tip (stainless steel)
Our Price:$31.99

JBL paralyzer  tip #846-6 6MM thread popular with comercial guys 6MM JBL846-6M barbed stainless steel
Spearfishing Stringer 5/16 Commercial Style 4'
Our Price:$29.99

4 foot long commercial style spearfishing stringer.
JBL #845-6 Pronger Paralyzer Tip
Our Price:$21.99

JBL paralyzer  tip #845-6 6MM thread popular with comercial guys 6MM JBL845-6M barbed

Ocean Rhino Dyneema Gloves

List Price:$24.95
Our Price:$21.00
Sale Price:$21.00
Save $3.95!

Ocean Rhino Dyneema Glove
Ocean Rhino R344s Speed Load Kit
Our Price:$21.00

Ocean Rhino R344s speed load kit
JBL Shaft Adapter #811 6MM Male to 6MM Male
Our Price:$9.99

JBL threaded adapter #811 6mm male each end
JBL Shaft Adapter #810 6MM Female to 5/16 Male
Our Price:$9.99

JBL spear shaft adapter #810
Ocean Rhino R341Shaft Barb Rubber
Our Price:$6.99

Ocean Rhino R341 shaft barb rubber. Keeps barbs open
Ocean Rhino Cable Wishbone W307
Our Price:$5.29

Ocean Rhino W307 large ball cable wishbone. price each
Ocean Rhino R312 Speed Load Band
Our Price:$2.29

Ocean Rhino R312 speed load bungie band