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Single Tank Fill
Air Card 10 Fills
Air Card 50 Fills $210.00
Air Card 100 fills $350.00


We offer all nitrox blends from standard recreational Nitrox blends of 22 to 40% as well as technical deco blends up to 80%. All of our scuba fills are hyper filtrated

Divers purchasing Nitrox or Decompression blends must show proof of certification. Divers requesting blends in excess of 40% must demonstrate that they are qualified to use these blends by showing proof of technical or rebreather diver certification at a level high enough to use the requested mix.

Diver purchasing Nitrox blends are required to re-test, label and signout tanks prior to taking them from the shop. YOU are responsible for whats in your tank.

The cost for our nitrox blends varies do to the mix required and a number of other factors. Contact the shop for current prices on any fills greater than 40%.

  • 32% $12.00
  • 36% $14.00
  • 40% $20.00
  • Fill Cards available on request. Call


  • First Aid DAN Tanks - $30.00


Technical Divers can enjoy Trimix blends. We offer both Hypoxic and Normoxic Trimix blends. Diver's must show proof of technical diver certification with an approved agency. Divers who are only certified to the Normoxic trimix level can only purchase normoxic blends. On some mix requests you may be required to show your dive plan. Rebreather and Deco. tank fills are priced according to size and percent of Mix.

Our Oxygen is aviator grade.
Please, do not forget to bring certification cards.