Jacksonville & Savannah Scuba Diving Lessons
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Jacksonville Scuba Lessons w/FREE NITROX CLASS!

Step 1
With the advent of e-learning programs, BORING classroom scuba is a relic of the past. Now academic scuba review sessions can be completed on-line in the comfort of your own home. When you sign up you will receive an e-code via email. In the academic sessions you will review the knowledge needed to understand the science and safety aspects of scuba diving. You will complete the e-Learning course by watching videos and taking quizzes which will help you to grasp the important concepts of Scuba diving. Don't have computer access? We can also mail out the written course to you at an extra fee.

Step 2
In simple words, this part of your training is AWESOME!. In the confined water phase, you and your instructor will practice and develop the water skills needed to comfortably and safely enjoy scuba diving for years to come. You will be amazed at how easy, FUN, FUN FUN and safe scuba diving actually is. Now! As if that's not exciting enough, just wait.....

Step 3
This is where you see and do the things you've only dreamed of. This is probably the greatest sensation you can legally share with others, You and your instructor go over the skills you developed in the confined water phase during your open water dives. After the successful completion of the last open water dive, you will be awarded your NASE certification card good for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment. Your NASE c-card is WORLD WIDE recognized that you are a safe and properly trained scuba diver.